Friday, October 19, 2012

Race Reports; well, you're a little late

The day before - and I mean the day before - I left for Hawaii, I ran not one, but two 5K races. A little crazy? Perhaps, but it's no different, really, than running a 10K ... or so I tell myself. So, no big deal, and I think it helped with the jet lag.

I began the day (September 29, to be exact) with the Midtown 5K in Palatine. It was the first time the crew of me, Linda, Pam (and Jim!), Dee, and Shelly participated in a race together in a really long time, so that was awesome.
The crew, clockwise: Me, Mama Dee, Shelly's nephew, Shelly's brother, Pam and Linda.
 We had a blast. It was great fun to get out and run a 5K with my besties. The event benefits Bears Care, the charity of the Chicago Bears, so some of our crew stopped for photographs with Big Cat Williams and some other large football player guys. I opted to have my photo taken with Shelly.
Me and Shelly, who is clearly a head shorter than I am.
LOVE that girl, even if she is little.

My results for the race were pretty good, for me. I finished 508 out of 774 overall, and 71 out of 109 in my age group. I ran it in 41:47, with a pace of 13:26. I have not yet been able to conquer the elusive 40-minute 5K! It's out there, though. I will do it!

As usual, we went out for breakfast afterward. Wildberry in Schaumburg is THE BEST when it comes to post-race food. So delicious! All too soon, it was time to head home to get a little rest before the second 5K of the day.

I met Linda at 3 p.m. in Geneva so we would have time do buy new running shoes and eat some food before the Harvest Hustle. Billed as an "All-Terrain 5K", the race wound through Peck Farm on trails, mowed farmland, gravel and pavement. I loved the race; I hated that I, for some reason, cannot run off road. I must not pick my feet up enough, because they get really hot (friction from brushing the grass?) and then painful. So I had to walk a great deal of the race, and my results were nearly abysmal. 371 of 382 overall, 18 of 19 in my age group, with a total time of 44:35, or a 14:23 minute mile. Ugh! But that's okay, because the next day I was flying to Hawaii.

So, a quick check of my races for the year shows that I have completed 18 as of this writing. Through the end of the year, I have scheduled 22. I just registered for another one, the Skeleton Scurry 10K in Delavan next weekend. That means I have to find one more and I will have doubled my 12 in 12 goal; 24 events in one year! Crazy. And yet, kinda cool.

Stay tuned!

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