Monday, August 20, 2012

Run for Your Lives (w/official time)

We came. We saw. We ran from zombies.

In what was undoubtably the oddest race to date, last weekend a group of us donned kilts and participated in Run for Your Lives, an obstacle race during which you also try to avoid zombies. Only one of us - my fake boyfriend Pete - "survived" the apocalypse. 

 Me, Linda, Adam, Terri, Robyn, Lorna, Pete and Alexis.

This race was an absolute HOOT. We laughed the entire time. Prior to starting out each runner is given a belt with three flags on it; they represent your health. You run the race and try keep the zombies from getting your flags. It's harder than it sounds.

We dressed in kilts, wore Braveheart-inspired makeup, and quoted Monty Python. We were an eight-person mixed metaphor. The best part was they way I think we helped other people enjoy their own race. Near the end, when all of us except for Pete were already "dead", we found others to surround and protect. We had a huge group at the end who called us their "heroes" for protecting them through the end of the race. 

Probably the best part was watching Pete avoid the zombies. He's a real athlete - Ironman, marathoner and more. So when he was in danger, he was off like a shot ... or, he was running and flailing like a girl, shocking the hell out of the zombies and cracking everyone up. 

Pete and me.
When all was said and done, we were tired, hungry and victorious; after all, we finished with our bodies and our senses of humor intact. We took almost an hour and a half to run a 5K, but we had such a good time in the process, I don't think anyone minded. "For real" results to post later. For now, I'm just remembering the fun.

Addition: My official time was one hour, 25 minutes and three seconds ... or an average 27.26 minute mile. I do believe that's my slowest race to date. I also believe I don't really care. 

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