Monday, April 22, 2013

The worst 5K ever

For the second year, the gang decided to do the Healthy Parks, Healthy Patients 5k in Hinsdale. Which would've been a great idea if we hadn't had so much rain in the weeks leading up to the race that the trail it was to be held on was under water. So they went ahead with the race.

And they held it on a high school track.

Seriously. I don't think I've ever run so miserably in my life.

The kept the track open for 45 minutes and allowed you to run as many laps as you could in the allotted time. I got to a whopping 12 so I could (roughly) claim 5k status. Yippee; three miles in 45 minutes and three seconds.

It was only fun because Kristen, Shelly, Linda and Pam also did the run. Breakfast afterward, and their company, barely made it survivable. But on the upside, I can say I did it, and now I don't ever have to do it again.


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