Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stuff to ponder, +10K results

I am now almost a full week post-cleanse, and I feel good about the experience.

Overall, I went from 214 to 206 - so a loss of about eight pounds. But what I gained is even more important. A willingness to feel hungry, rather than eat at the first sign that it had been awhile since I've eaten. A real taste for vegetables. Hydration. It was a great experience, honestly, and I'm truly glad I did it. I have been able to keep off the weightloss (so far) and more importantly the mindset of self-care that comes with being willing to try a cleanse. So, woot!

All of this, leading up to my favorite holiday - Independence Day! I have loved 4th of July since I was a kid. Whether I've spent the day with family near home or traveling, it's just always been great. But it's not generally an easy time, calorically. I was diligent, and only indulged in a few of the things I'd been missing during the cleanse.

Like ice cream. And brownies. And brownies with ice cream.

The weekend was filled with food, and I managed it pretty well. There were burgers on the grill (twice), sangria (just once, and just one glass), lots of coffee, omelettes and hash browns, and yes, there were doggy bags. (How else can you not overindulge?)

Plus, I ran a 10K! It was back to my adoptive home town for the  Stampede Run. It was great fun, honestly. Before the race started, my friend Mollie found me in the crowd. I haven't seen her in years, and I've never seen her on the run, so it was nice to know she was out there. Pam and Jim ran the 5K, and Shelly, Linda and I went for all 10. I was nearly to the halfway mark when I came up behind Mollie. She was walking and it was hot, but I decided to try and spur her on anyway, inviting her to run with me until the next mile marker. And so we did ... finishing the race together.

We were the back of the pack, by far, and we decided not to care. Someone has to be last, right? We just chatted and ran what we could, taking walk breaks when necessary. I could have run more, but I'm a "dance with the one who brung ya" type of girl; once you run alongside someone, you don't abandon them. That's been done to me, and I do not like it. Friends don't leave one another out on the course. So we finished together, and it felt great.

I've only done two other 10K races, and even with going slower than my body wanted to go, I got a new PR. (By only 10 seconds, but who cares?) Here's how it shook out:

Arlington Heights Stampede Run 10K

  • 1:30:42
  • Average pace: 14:36 minutes/mile
  • 516 of 517 total runners

My past 10K results are:
Monster Dash 10K 2012

  • 1:30:52
  • Average pace: 14:38 minutes/mile
  • 521 of 534 total runners

Polar Dash 10K 2012

  • 1:33:32
  • Average pace: 15:04 minutes/mile
  • 638 of 668 total runners
Those are results I will gladly accept! Especially considering how hot and sweaty I was. Yeah, it was an accomplishment just to finish. (But isn't that always true?)

In less than two weeks, I will tackle another half marathon (my third for the year) and after that I'll run the 10K leg of a triathlon relay. I can do this. I will do this. I'm nuts to do this ... but that's never stopped me so far!

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