Monday, May 13, 2013

Personal Record; also, the worst

Saturday, May 11 was Race to Wrigley - the 5K through the Wrigley Field neighborhood. I ran it for the second time. 

In 2012, this became my 5K PR race. A year ago, I ran it in 40:44, for a 13:09 minute mile. This was the race that got me thinking, hey, maybe I could run a sub-40 5K. For most runners, this is a given. For me, it has been a struggle. Race to Wrigley last year was the closest I'd ever gotten.

We had a swell group of people running this year, although I sure did miss my sister Kathie and nephew Alex. (In true Cubs fashion ... wait 'til next year!) Shelly, Kristen, Linda, Pam and I met up with Diane and Justin at Wrigley. 
Clockwise from 1:00 - Diane, Kristen, Shelly, Pam, Linda, Me, Justin. I think.
Before we headed out, Kristen's friends Michelle and Tracy joined us, too, along with Tracy's kids. Soon, it was time to get started!
Me at the start, surrounded by a bunch of people.
Yes, I realize how much I look like my brother.
I love this race. Going in, I knew it would be a fast one for me; after last year, I had a feeling for how it would go. It's relatively flat, very few turns, and relatively open. I was looking forward to a great run, and I was not disappointed. 

We ran through the area, and lots of residents came out to offer us more cowbell or just cheer us on from their front porches. I felt like I was giving a good effort, and there were a few times I wanted to stop and walk, but I wouldn't let myself. It is not supposed to be easy! It should feel like effort, I kept telling myself; it should be a challenge. I took a short walk break to drink some water, and then it was right back to it.

When we turned off of Waveland and into the concourse of the stadium, I knew I was going to be close to earning my PR. I pushed it as hard as I could, while maintaining my breath and ... ya know ... not dying. Honestly, it felt good! I crossed the finish line, smiling. Soon I ran into Kristen, and she asked if I'd gotten my PR, and I said I thought so! The clock said 41 minutes, so unless I crossed the start line right at 8 a.m., I was going to be close. Lucky for me, they had a kiosk set up so you could look up your results. I put in my bib number, and this is what I saw:
Yup, that's what my PR looks like.
I could not believe it. Not only did I get my PR, but I beat the crap out of it! I was more than two minutes faster than last year's race! Unreal. I am still on cloud nine.

On a similar yet not sort of note, Jenn and I did a 5K on Sunday, too. It was the Aurora Fox River Trail 5K, done in conjunction with a half marathon by the same company. It sucked. It was actually almost four miles, which is no big deal except it sure does screw up your clock time, and it was poorly organized. Thankfully, it was a gorgeous day and the company was good.

So there you have it; one weekend, two races. One a personal best, the other an organizational worst. For me, the thing that is most striking about all of this is the way I am able to bounce back. In the past, a 5k would wipe me out, and I'd wake up sore as hell the next day. Lately, it's just become something I do without a whole lot of drama. So there's progress all around! Woot!


Jen McElroy said...

AWESOME!!!!! Congratulations on both races, even if one was a failure in organization - you ran the miles you get the bragging rights!

Maggie said...

Thanks, Jen! I sure did have fun, that much is for sure!