Thursday, May 30, 2013


I feel like I've kicked ass in epic battle this week. First, to maintain my sanity; then, to avoid food. Not all food, just the nasty kind.

I firmly believe that if food has the potential to be passed to me through a car window, I should not eat it. (Exception: St. Arbucks.) My summer work schedule has me working 10-hour days Monday through Thursday, with Fridays off ... which is awesome except for the food part. I usually arrive at work hungry, and spend most of the day that way. It is really hard to stay within my calories. And, when I am finally on my way home, I pass a Taco Bell.

I know! It's horrible food. It's not even really food, but sometimes a girl needs a crispy potato soft taco. Or a chicken burrito. Or both. Which just makes no sense at all, when you're on your way to the gym. On Monday, the siren's call was strong, and I almost succumbed to it. But I did not. Instead, I drove the 30 miles toward home, stopped at the gym, and ran. And then I swam. (Then I went home and ate a pulled pork sandwich, which was a far better choice so for chrissakes stop judging me!)

That was Tuesday. Yesterday, a mere 24 hours later, I felt much more in control. I did not even consider stopping on my way home for some tasty awful treat. Last night's workout, by the way, almost killed me. I biked for about 45 minutes, and then I had to run some nasty intervals. Training for a tri, I'm doing brick workouts ... and pretty felt like a ton of bricks during the run part. All I can say is, oy.

But my point ... I am hungry, but I'm making the best choices I can during a long day that tends to include first and second breakfast, plus first and second lunch. It's not a perfect scenario, but I am doing my best. Today, my "best" included eating my sandwich at 11 - technically third breakfast instead of first lunch, but whatever.

Like I said, I'm hungry.

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Jen McElroy said...

If you're always hungry are you sure you're getting enough protein? I know when I started monitoring how much protein I was eating I realized that the days when I was light on protein I was so much more hungry the following day. This past weekend was the perfect example - we ran our last long run (before half marathon in Chicago this weekend) and then celebrated with a pancake breakfast. The meal consisted of basically every carb-y option - pancakes, bagels, muffins, cakes, donuts, etc... I ate a little bit of a few things but nothing with a lot of protein. When I woke up the next day I could not have been more famished. So I'm focusing on protein, again, and feel so much more in control. I just thought I'd share that.

Which tri are you doing? I think that's awesome! I'm doing a duathlon in Crystal Lake in the fall so will start training for that after the half marathon is over.