Friday, February 4, 2011

Platypus plateau

I'm a little stuck, and I'm having a platypus day. Don't know what that means? Explanation found here.

Anyhoo, my weightloss has plateaued. And by, "it has plateaued" I really mean, "I haven't really hit it hard since the holidays and I've not lost any significant weight since then."

Today's weigh-in: 209.4.

Or, ya know, 210 to anyone with a brain.

What to do about that? Well, that's really the easy part: Get. Back. On. The. Horse.

It's not as though the horse has been left to roam free. I just haven't been back on my five-workouts-a-week schedule in awhile. Snow has been horrendous, work has gotten in the way and it has been hard to get my shit together. But the beautiful thing is, there are always opportunities to do better. Every day, I get to try again.

So I know I have some eating to do this weekend. Lunch out today, dinner out tonight, and Super Bowl food on Sunday. But I will have a great workout tomorrow, and my first 5k run of the year is on Sunday. My goal is to finish in 45 minutes. I completed the Arlington Heights Santa 5K in 51:41, in lots of wet snow. I'll let ya know how it goes!

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