Friday, May 19, 2017

Well, shit

Y'all, my 100 days is a bust.

It's hard to log food and get all the planned workouts in when your focus moves, and this week I've been focused on family. My dad - the finest man in the world - has been sick and in need of some help, and if you've ever met Glenn, you know that for him to ask for help, he must feel pretty awful.

And I'm in a position to help, so for a little while, I took a backseat. Which is fine. Which is life.

I'm not sure if I'm going to pick up my hundred where I left off, or start back at the beginning. What I do know is that even in the midst of uncertainty and worry, I have run. Tonight I'm going to yoga. Tomorrow I'm going to run and lift. But this week I also ate a cookie the size of my face and had a blizzard. (Thank you, DQ; you are as delicious as I remember.)

In all of this, I am learning grace and forgiveness. I'm worth that. I'm worthy of being treated with the kindness and generosity of spirit I would treat a friend, so that's what I'm trying to do.

Be gentle with yourselves, friends, and I'll do the same. And we'll get back to the hundred once we figure out what that's gonna look like.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Forty what?

Well, what'd ya know. I'm just a little more than 40 days in. Exactly where I am, I'm not sure, because while I was in Hawaii, I missed a few days of logging so I'm not 100 percent sure exactly how far in I am. My journal says I'm on 41, so that's where I'm hanging my hat.

Speaking of Hawaii, holy shit. I miss it so much. And if I'm honest, I'm pretty sure I need to quit my job and be on vacation always. I lost weight on vacation.

That's probably at least partially due to the average of about 17,000 steps every day, and maybe a little bit to do with the fact that I was a little bit careful with my food. And booze. I dialed back the booze because when it's warm my ankles swell and well we can't have that now, can we? So I managed everything pretty well, and came home down a couple LBs. It was basically like getting a present after vacation!

The truth is, this is hard. And it's getting harder. Once I got back from vacation, it was kinda shitty. The weather sucked and I just couldn't find the horse, much less get on it.

So I was gone for a little over a week, and then I took about 10 days to get my shit together. And now it's back to kickin' it hard!

Oh, also? Right after I got back, I ran a 5K - the Race to Wrigley. It took a long ass time; the finish line was a huge bottleneck and my official time was 55:34, but my unofficial time was closer to 46 minutes.

Then last Saturday, I ran the Run for Refugees at church, and finished in 45:23. I wanted to be under 45, but ... alas ... I was close. Next time, you elusive goal. Next time.