Monday, August 1, 2011

Race Report - Muddy Buddy 2011

It's a weird and wonderful feeling to go back to the beginning. And yet, that's very much how it felt to return to Muddy Buddy for the 2011 race.

The first race I ever did was Muddy Buddy 2010; it has officially been one year since I caught the race bug. Curious how that went? Read about it here.

I've been at it a year, folks - this quest for fitness that manifests itself in activities I never thought I'd try. It was a year ago that I, for the first time, decided to try something I'd previously left to the crazies. A year ago, I began to ask more of myself. Over the course of that year, a lot has changed. A lot of healing has taken place. It's been incredible.

This year, my partner and co-work, Mike, and I were joined by another team - gym friends Linda and John. Here are the four of us, pre-race. So clean and happy ... that wouldn't last for long!
Last year, I remember the announcements on the loudspeaker reminding us to take off any jewelry we didn't want to lose in the mud pit. So, naturally, I wore my wedding ring on race day. It seems fitting to me that I should let go of this particular bit of silver at the event that left me with more faith in myself than anything else I've done in my entire life.

And whaddya know ... I lost it in the mud pit. (You'll pardon the dregs of my post-race breakfast in the background!)

All in all, it was a tough, awesome race. Mike and I shaved over 11 minutes off of our time from 2010 (coming in at 1:34:54 in 2011, over our time of 1:46:28 in 2010). We're still among the slowest teams (which is not unexpected, because I am old) but we have a ton of fun out there. Sure, the average team finishes in under an hour, but we are SO NOT AVERAGE! No matter what, we finished, upright ... and we got our medals.Yes, ladies and gents, this is the face of unbridaled joy, brought on by race-related bling.

To my partners in grime, Mike, Linda and John, I say an intense "Thank you"! Your encouragement and generosity makes every sore muscle, every bit of mud (I found dirt behind my ear today after taking a shower and two baths yesterday!) and every scrape (I beat my calves to hell running into the bike pedals when I walked the bike) worth it. So ... how's 'bout we hit it again in 2012?


Cherylyn Gnadt Bredemann said...

I was out of town this year. But so wanted to do this crazy race. Maybe next year I'll have enough courage to muddle through like you guys. Great job, so proud! Btw Where are the muddy pics!? that's what I wanted to see ;) kudos to all your fitness and healing efforts. I'm working on the same.

Maggie said...

Last year, co-worker Mike's wife took the photos. This year, she was sick and couldn't make it. We couldn't get any photos, because our cameras were (wisely) in gear check. I'm hoping that the pro photographers on site caught a couple of us muddy, so I have something (other than the smell) to remember it by!

Thanks, C-lyn, for your encouragement. And don't say maybe; make up your mind now that you're gonna do it. If I can, anyone can!