Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weigh-in Woes

My scale went belly-up.

The worst part is, I didn't realize it! Remember all that time I spent holding firm at 207.4? Yeah. Maybe not so much. I would "trick" it by getting on with my gym bag, and then get back on and it would weigh my wildly differently. Okay, I've accepted that.

And I've thrown out my scale.

So now what?

We weigh at the gym. Either on Tuesday or Wednesday nights, when I'm there for class, I will get on the scale there. Which I did last night. The verdict.


What? I'm over 210, again? Fuck.

Okay. It's just knowledge, and every scale weighs differently. This is just a measurement, and it's a way to establish where I am right now; a place to jump from. And I've jumped back into logging the calories, too; feels good. It's important! It doesn't help that I'm constantly hungry. But I'm pounding water and planning meals ... should make it a little easier.

When Mom said it was tough to lose the older you got, she wasn't kidding!

The thing I need to remember is, I've already done something remarkable. How many people set off to lose weight and get healthy, and the hit this place - this spot where nothing seems to move - before they've made any progress at all? I've made incredible progress. I've re-established what my body is, and what it's capable of. I am (mostly) happy in my body right now, just as it is. From here, there's only greater joy.


Jessica said...

Not to mention - as I am sure you know, muscle does weigh more than there is definite possibility that all this working out is bulking you in good ways too! Keep working hard and inspiring all of us!

Maggie said...

Thanks, Jessica! A good reminder to not pay as much attention to the number on the scale as I do the way my jeans fit. (Loose today; hallelujah!)