Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Slip-ups and scales and puppy dog tails

Okay, mostly slip-ups and scales, although I do think if I had a dog, I'd enjoy running a bit more.

Rough week, even if I do admit to having yet another wild cherry brain freeze float at the water park. It is ice cold deliciousness. I cannot seem to enjoy my lounge chair without it!

While at Raging Waves, I wore my "backup" swimsuit; the one that is a little too small but I keep it in my gym bag for emergencies, like when I forget to bring a suit and want to get in the water. Well, I had my suit from last year, and I wanted to wear it just one more time, but the suit had other ideas. The elastic had lost its boing and I had to wear the small one. It fit almost perfectly; who knew? That was a grand feeling.

Since I last posted, I feel like I've turned a page, in a way. I've stepped up my consistency in running, getting all three training runs in last week and increasing my run interval to eight minutes. This is a big deal to me, because that means in a 30-minute run, I'm actually running 24 minutes. Holler.

This Saturday I'll be running a 5K, and I have another scheduled on my birthday. I can't believe this is me ... when did I become the girl who chooses to RUN on her birthday? Seriously. It's a little crazy. But I like it.

Oh, scales ... that's right, I weighed in last night. 208.4, which is down almost three pounds from my last weigh-in but not sure that counts because that was fully clothed and covered in sweat. My plan now is weighing every Tuesday after my classes, because I rarely miss a Tuesday, so I'll always have scale access. The good news is, this weight is just one pound above what my scale weighed me before it gave up the ghost. So, I'm almost at the weight I thought I was all along. At least on this scale.

I'm pleased, and feeling pretty good about that. Not sure I'll get under 200 by the end of summer, but that's okay. All progress counts, right?


Michelle said...

What counts is that you feel good. I tell people this all the time-- the scale can't dictate your life. How you feel should dictate your life. You are able to do things you love and you are evolving and feeling good. In my book, that's a win no matter the numbers on the scale.

Maggie said...

You are, as usual, correct. I am, indeed, evolving!