Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The work is play

Sunday is my fourth triathlon. My second outdoor, for-real triathlon. (Two have been indoor events, which - while great - are not quite as intense as the experience of swimming, biking and running outdoors.) As usual, my training has not been spot on. Life being what it is, I kinda have to go with the flow. What's more, I'm also technically training for a half marathon in July, so with the swimming and biking, I have some rather substantial runs on the plan.

Which means two things have fallen by the wayside: weight training, and yoga.

No more, ladies and gentlemen. Last night, I did a little weight training courtesy of the Nike Training Club app for iPhone. That little sucker kicks ass.

I am feeling my muscles today! There's something about working - really working - that gives you a delicious and hard-earned ache the next day. And it just served as a great reminder that I can make time. I can fit it in.

It was only a little demoralizing, this realization that I have let myself become so sedentary, I can't really jump, or do high-knee runs. Seriously! Practice is what made us good at this stuff when we were kids.

I stopped practicing, and I became overweight, out of shape and - gasp - a grown-up.

Well, no more, people. There is going to be a lot more play in my summer, and beyond. I need to practice jumping, skipping, working with the body I brought and building the body I deserve.

I'm not down on myself - not really. I mean, I'm in great shape compared to where I came from. But there is so much more work to be done. I have allowed myself to go stagnant and stop progressing, and it's time to get back to work. And I'm going to play through as much of that work as possible.

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