Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cranky at that dumb guy

So yesterday was Monday. Usually, Monday means spin class, which it did last night. But it also meant a little pool time. With the Indoor Tri coming up on Saturday, I wanted to get another workout or two done in the pool, so I packed my suit and headed to the Bloomingdale branch of the club. Because spin is at 6:30, that meant I could get an hour or so in the pool, and practice the transition from pool to bike. (The tri allows you 10 minutes to make the transition.)

When I got to the lap pool, all the lanes were full. But there was one middle-aged dude running in the lane (which is not recommended in the lap pool). So I went over to the lane to ask if he'd be willing to share. "Sir," I said. He would not look at me; he ignored me, turned around and ran to the other end.

It should be noted that many times, swimmers have to share lanes. Linda, Megan and I share all the time. You get used to it. The lanes really are wide enough. (Except that time Linda kicked me.)

So on his next run past, I approached again. "Sir," I said, "would you mind terribly if I swam in half of that lane?"

"That's fine, I guess," he said. "If you think you can fit."

Yes, that happened. Middle-aged dude called me fat. It wasn't so much what he said, but how he said it.

Ordinarily, something like that would send me into some sort of chocolate eating frenzy. But no, I just wanted to swim. So I let it go, I waited for a lane, and I swam. (Incidentally, I also got the transition from pool to bike done in just under 10 minutes. Including a potty stop.)

As for middle-aged dude, my fondest wish for him is that he someday finds himself in need of a lane to run in, and has someone graciously offer half of theirs. It would be nice if he'd learn how to treat people.

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