Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Weigh Things Are; Challenge Chat

Oh, weigh in. I hate you.

Not really. But yeah. Okay I weighed in yesterday, and came in at 207.2. It's okay, not perfect. I've put on a few since before the half, but before the half I was kicking ass and cutting carbs, and that's just not the sort of momentum I can keep.

I've been lax in logging my food, but not in the activity department; I'm sure that's why I've been able to hold relatively steady. And I'll tell ya, I sure do love the experience of working out. It feels amazing to be able to take a two-hour spin class and follow it up with a six-mile run, and that's what I did on Saturday. It's a lot of fun to head out for a run just because I can. And honestly, it just feels good to be able to.

It's not without its challenges, of course, but it's the challenges that make it interesting. So yes, I've had my share of injuries and weird shit, I've had great runs and runs that suck, and I've had times when I've stuck with the plan and times when I am so far from the plan I don't even see it. But the point is to keep going.

Even when you don't want to.

Even when a co-worker brings in Irish Carbomb Cupcakes.

Even when the run is hard, or the spin class hurts your bum, or you're sad because you can't make it to dance class.

Even when bagels are delicious.




Jen McElroy said...

I kinda want to know how to make an Irish carbomb cupcake but it's probably better off that I don't! YIKES!

Keep it going .... :)

Maggie said...

I ate it; I did NOT ask how to make them. Otherwise, I think I could eat a whole batch on a cold Saturday!