Thursday, September 12, 2013

Random thoughts on fitness

I need more yoga in my life.

I'm considering a marathon in January 2015.

I am really happy that I only have two more half marathons scheduled; I am ready to hang up that distance for a little while.

In 2014, I will complete three sprint triathlons, and maybe an Olympic-distance one as well.

Between the blisters and plantar fasciitis, my left foot is screwed.

During the tri relay, I ran in a skirt for the first time in a race. I really dig it ... which means there will likely be more skirt purchases in my not-too-distant future.

Speaking of ... more workout clothes is exactly what I need, right?
Yes, I have a piece of furniture just for my workout attire.
Food is my downfall. I love good food, and still - no matter how hard I try not to - I end up socializing over a delicious meal.

Never say never. Which is why, when my buff friend Biff suggested I train for an IronMan, I didn't say no, or never, or shut the hell up. I'll say "probably not." I'll say "maybe." I may even say "Shut the hell up!" But I won't say never, because if I learned anything from watching Ironman, it's that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things.

I love summer, but I love working out in the fall. Wanna come bike on the trail with me? So pretty.

I need to schedule a physical. Putting it here to keep me committed.

That's all for now ... except to say that I weighed in on Tuesday and I haven't gained. So there's that.

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