Monday, November 3, 2014

Ten kilometers

You learn a lot about yourself when you're running. If you let your mind move away from the pain in your hip flexors or the sound of your feet hitting the ground, you might discover some interesting things about yourself.

For instance, yesterday I learned that at about five miles, I get really really bored. Which was kinda not bad because yesterday I only had a total of 6.2 to run ... but it makes me a little scared for this weekend, when I have 9.3 to run and the last half is rather boring by design. (Because the lakefront path just doesn't do it for me anymore. Snob.)

Anyway, out there, feet propelling you forward ... if you're willing to go there, you can find out a lot about you. I got bored, yes. But out there, on the path to whatever, I've gone through all the emotions at one time or another. (PS, it's really hard to run when I get all seething angry, because I cry then, and running is not much possible when I'm also sobbing.) (PPS, not pretty; this is why I don't wear makeup when I work out.) I've been through all the feels while running. From blissful to hungry (rungry?) and everything in between, six miles is enough ground to work through it.

Feel it. Heal it. That's kinda where I'm at here. And a 10K is enough time to make some very real headway.

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