Thursday, December 29, 2016

On 2017 and what's to come

I haven't been very good about blogging lately.

I don't know if I will be any better about it in 2017, but I'm gonna try. Because here's the thing: 2016 has been rough. I started the year with goals and plans, and I stuck with some. I didn't on others. This isn't self-loathing talking, it's just an admission of real life.

Sometimes, Doing The Things is hard.

So, 2017 is around the corner. I'm thinking of keeping it simple. For years, it was about how many races I could run. How many workouts I could get in. But this year, I'm just going to pull it back a bit.

The coming year is about two things: getting stronger (weight training, you're up!) and fueling right (most of the time.) I think that translates to three or four weight-bearing workouts per week, and eating fruit or veg and protein most times when I fill the pie hole.

That's it. Two simple methods that should net me some results in 365 days.

Oh, and love. I'm going to thank my body instead of being critical of it. I've been doing better at that lately, and really - it's a much better way.

Off we go, friends. It's time.

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