Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weighing in and stuff

Got on the scale last night - the official weigh-in scale in the locker room at Bloomingdale LTF - and I lost some. Not a lot. Not as much as my home scale said. But I'm down a little more than a pound. As of last night, I'm weighing in at ...


Yes, I know. I've been a lot less than that. I think last November I was 206 or something. The week after the half marathon, I hit 204. But that was then; this is now. I know what the horse looks like, and I'm getting back on it.

So, yeah, I'll admit to being a little upset about the uptick in the number over the past few months. But it is what it is. Now it's time to minimize the damage and get on with life.

And I'm still feelin' relatively good. I had a great workout last night - an hour of spin, and about 25 minutes in the outdoor lap pool, which was heavenly. I suppose the best part of all that is that I enjoy it so much. Who would've seen that coming a few years back, huh?

Scratch that; the best part is being able to spend time with incredible people who have encouraged me along on this journey. On my way into the gym, I ran into Donna, who was leaving after her first day as the group fitness department head at the Bloomingdale branch. It was wonderful to see her, even just for a quick conversation. And Pam, who teaches spin, is an incredible instructor and an even better friend. She knows when to push, and I always feel accomplished after I've completed (survived?) one of her classes. Plus, she joined me in the pool, so it was basically Spin & Swim night with Pam. The perfect evening workout!

And here I am, ready for another day of tracking my food and working it off, hoping to continue the (slow) downward trend of the number. I would love to see one-hundred-something by the end of summer. It's been a long time comin'. Not sure what happens when I get close, but when it's within my grasp, I seem to let go.

Not this time.

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