Monday, December 10, 2012

December loser

I weighed in this morning and smiled: 207.6

It's December, and I'm managing to inch the scale slowly toward my goal. It's challenging! I have to think about what I choose to eat, but it's worth it because the small changes in my weight over the last few weeks have left me feeling really good in my own skin. What a great feeling.

Here's how the week played out:

  • Monday, December 3: Ate 1570 calories; burned 178; exceeded my calorie goal by 172.
  • Tuesday, December 4: Ate 1,872; burned 496; exceeded my goal by 56.
  • Wednesday, December 5: Ate 1,554; burned 581; left 347.
  • Thursday, December 6: Ate 1,593; burned 407; left 134.
  • Friday, December 7: Ate 1,388; burned 151; left 83.
  • Saturday, December 8: Ate 2,290; burned 666; exceeded my goal by 304.
  • Sunday, December 9: Ate 2,006; burned 852; left 166.

All told, I left 198 calories on the table at the end of the week, after eating 12,273 calories and working off 3,061 of the little suckers. I like that my calorie expenditure is all over the map; it shows me that I'm keeping my body guessing as to what's coming up. I also like that I've kept up the streak for more than two weeks; running every day helps!

Is it hard to count calories during the holiday season? Hell yes. But it is as worthwhile as it is difficult. Most years, I just accept a few extra pounds. This year, it's different somehow. Maybe it's the fact that I look at every day as a new opportunity, regardless of how much I overdid it the day before. Maybe it's the way that I don't see bad weather as an excuse not to run. Or maybe it's the half marathon looming in February. For whatever reason, I'm diving in. Let's see what the new year brings.

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