Thursday, December 6, 2012

Last week's totals; winning.

So when posting my progress and weigh-in for this week, I realized I didn't post my day-by-day accounting of intake/output. In the interest of full disclosure, I figured I'd fess up. ;) Here's where I stand. Or rather, stood, last week.

  • Monday, November 26. I ate 1,914 calories and worked off 787 (15 minutes running, 5 minutes on the stair climber praying for sweet death, and 30 minutes on the elliptical), leaving 163 unaccounted for. 
  • Tuesday, November 27. I ate 1,793 and burned 568 (45 minutes running), leaving 95.
  • Wednesday, November 28. I ate 1,568 and burned 354 (15 minutes running, 15 minutes stationary bike), leaving 106.
  • Thursday, November 29. I ate 2,064 and burned 758 (60 minutes running), leaving 14.
  • Friday, November 30. I ate 2,308 and burned 189 (15 minutes running), with a surplus of 799. Moo.
  • Saturday, December 1. I ate 2,386 and burned 568 (45 minutes running), with a surplus of 498. Oink.
  • Sunday, December 2. I ate 2,117 and burned 719 (60 minutes biking, 12 minutes running), with a surplus of 78. Moo oink.

All told, I was over by 1,375 calories for the week. Which sounds pretty high, until you figure that I burned almost 4,000 calories in the same week. Not going to feel too terribly guilty.

The truth of the matter is, losing weight is not an exact science or a perfect mathematical equation. Some weeks you will feel like you were right on and the scale will still weigh you high. Other weeks, you'll experience a loss for no apparent reason. So this week I gained a little. The truth is, I feel fantastic (even though I have a cold). I have kept up my running streak, and my cute corduroy skirt still fits.

I'm gonna call this a win.

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