Thursday, August 8, 2013


Last week, I was right on with the training plan. I mean, dedicated. Every step of the way.

Then the weekend came and I felt absolutely spent. Monday came, and I didn't run. Tuesday. Wednesday. Here we are on Thursday, and I'm going to get a short, easy run in tonight. But that may be all the working out I do this week.

I think I have been physically and emotionally exhausted, burning the candle at (at least) three ends. So I re-programmed the training plan to start over on Monday.

It's not throwing in the towel; it's more like taking the towel off the rack, washing it in hot water with bleach, and starting fresh.

I give myself permission to do this. Life is far too short to stay attached to a training plan that needs a recharge. And that's what I am doing.

As for my weight, I am still doing well, post-cleanse! Monday morning I logged in at 205.2; now, this week has been hit or miss, with barely anything logged, calorie-wise. But I am confident I haven't gained much (if anything), so I'm just giving myself a little grace to come back refreshed on Monday. And I absolutely will not allow myself to go completely off the rails this weekend. For realz.

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