Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I love Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday. So many memories!

Each week on Facebook, I write a note entitled "Things I Love Thursday". It's a weekly reflection on what I'm feeling particularly grateful for. But here, I thought I'd take just pause for a moment and spew gratitude for all the things that have helped me so far along the journey toward health. Here goes:

  • Healing. This year brought me my first-ever athletic-related injury. It also brought me through the healing process. I can't begin to explain how it feels now to run, knowing that I wasn't sure I would again. It makes me appreciate being able to do it so very much. I take no run for granted, and it fills me with joy.

  • Technology. I have this app on my phone, Nike + GPS, that posts to Facebook when I'm running. When people "like" the post, or comment on it, the app cheers in my ear. I also have apps that track my activity, show me a good running route, and help me monitor my food. It does help! Although perhaps just because it keeps it fun. However, technology will never take the place of ...

  • People. Holy crap, I have incredible people. If you have to get healthy on your own, you should still do it - it's worth the work - but the work is so much more fun when you have support. I didn't go into this with a network. I actually joined a gym intending to let this be a solo process. But that's not how things ended up. Instead, I now find myself fortunate enough to be surrounded by active, generous people who bolster me along the way. Whether you've run with me once or countless times, helped me make a wise choice on a menu, waited for me at the finish line, reminded me that I can do anything for 30 seconds (even if it's more push-ups), told me I'm looking good, believed in me (and helped me do the same), woke up at the ass-crack of dawn to get to a race, told me I don't look ridiculous in those skin-tight running pants ... or other countless acts of kindness I have experienced, I am unspeakably grateful.

  • Epsom salts, foam rollers, tennis balls and this thing. Thanks to these tools, I am able to walk after a long run.

  • Red Mango. When I need, want or feel like I deserve a post-workout treat, this is it.

  • Having enough money. This has been an expensive year. I have registered for 15 races (one of which I could not complete, one that happens tomorrow and one that will happen on December 3) this year, plus planned ahead and registered for two in early 2012. This isn't free. (Especially considering that one of them in 2012 is the Disney Princess Half Marathon, for which I also had to pay for airfare. And a commemorative necklace.) So the fact that I've managed my money reasonably well and am not weeping in the corner at the sad state of my finances is a Very Good Thing.

  • Uggs. There is very little in the world that feels better than putting on a pair of warm shearling boots after a hard run. Or an easy run. Or a trip to the grocery store.
Yeah. Lots to be grateful for. And now, on to the pie ...

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