Monday, November 21, 2011

Running gets real

Runner friend Linda and I drove to La Grange on Saturday (after a six-mile run and an hour of lifting weights) to pick up race packets for the Pie Run on Thursday. Yes, we are running 3.14 miles ... and getting a pie at the finish line.

Anyway, pickup was at this great running store in downtown La Grange, and while we were there we browsed a bit and talked to their buyer. I ended up buying a pair of awesome running tights. (And are they every tight!) They are stitched together from two different fabrics to support muscles the way kinesio tape works. I also picked up a super-cute wicking shirt with thumb holes (I wish every long-sleeve top I have had thumb holes) and some other running essentials (Body Glide, gloves and The Stick.)

And this morning, I got to thinking: When you reach the point that you purchase scientific pants and Body Glide, you are a real runner.

My 13-and-a-half minute mile is the same mile as those who run it in half the time. I am a runner. I run.

I also squeeze into scientific pants.

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