Monday, February 13, 2012

This goes to 11

Yesterday, I completed my longest run to date. Eleven miles.

Today, my legs and bum hurt. Coincidence? I think not.

The thing is, I didn't have to do it alone. I think that's incredible. I think the fact that my friend Linda came along is pretty awesome, because she only had 10 on her plan. I think Di and Kristen joining us, however, is even more incredible, because they're not training for a half marathon at all. They're just supportive and awesome.

It was a hard run. The pat was pretty snowy, and in places kinda icy, too. Plus ... 11 miles is a long way. It's the full way around Busse Woods, and then a little further. It's borderline crazy. But that's what friends do; they come out to cheer you on when things get tough. I'm lucky beyond words.

At around mile six, my hips started to hurt. By mile nine, I wanted to die. The loop around the forest preserve is 7.7, so we went all the way around and then some. I had to take lots of walk breaks, especially toward the end. But I learned a lot, too. For instance, I need to add a little something to my water - PowerAde or Gatorade - because I had the shakes at the end. I probably need to amp up my nutrition plan, too.

There were a few good signs on the run, in addition to the soreness. I did not cramp up at mile seven, as I have my last two long runs, and I did not have any pain in my right leg or ankle - not even in the Achilles. All good signs.

So we ran. I was exhausted, but certainly not too tired to enjoy a monstrous breakfast with my besties. Seriously, I am so fortunate. These women encouraged me for 11 miles on a cold, snowy Sunday in February. What more could I possible ask for?

Clockwise from the top: Kristen, Diane, Linda and me.

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