Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weighty matters

I weighed in this week. Came in about a pound lower than last, but I was on a scale in a different gym, so I'm not gonna own that one. Sorry; you're gonna have to wait until Tuesday so I can weigh at the proper gym Monday night for the straight poop.

Which might actually suck, because I am headed back to Lake Geneva this weekend. But I'm trying not to worry. I can make good food choices, and be sure I'm active. I'm thinking a nice swim, and a bike ride? Might be just the ticket.

So anyway, I will watch what I eat, and get some activity in, and all should be well. But here's what I have to say: I AM SERIOUSLY HUNGRY. All the time. Still.

Sigh. Please send your best wishes for my ability to be satisfied with normal amounts of food.

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