Monday, April 25, 2011

Things that are delicious

I discovered a new grocery store. There's a place in my town - just up the road and around the corner - called Mariano's, and I love it. Their produce is beautiful. They carry amazing brands, like this stuff that tastes like 100 calories worth of heaven. And they even have "normal" stuff - like Scope mouthwash and Uncle Ben's rice. It's sort of like if Whole Foods and Jewel had a baby grocery store, and it grew really fast.

This place is amazeballs.

Anyway, so I went there. I braved Good Friday grocery shopping, and my tastebuds have been happy ever since. I made lettuce wraps with chicken. Huevos rancheros. Dark chocolate Klondike bars. (Okay, I didn't make those, I ate them. So what?) It's a heavenly little place.

And the greatest discovery is that real, whole food doesn't have to be complicated (Quinoa in the rice cooker? Yes please.) or scary. It just has to be delicious.

And for the record: Easter was a challenge. There was pie; I ate it. I also fell down a hill, which you can read about in my other blog. All in the name of fitness!

And another thing: Spellcheck doesn't recognize the word "amazeballs". WTF, mate?

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