Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is not a linear process

I've written it before. Health, fitness, weightloss ... it doesn't go in a straight line.


It's been a struggle lately. I can feel that I've put on a few pounds. (For the record, that's the wrong direction.) Last weekend was like a smorgasbord of grease. (For the record, it was delicious.) And to top it all off, I'm not running. Nothing melts the fat like running! So that sends my mood into the crapper, and last week I only made it to the gym once.

Great, Mags. Way to go.

So here I am, in the confessional, hoping that getting this out in print will help me get back in line.


All day yesterday, I kept telling myself, "every moment is a new opportunity to do better." And thank God for that. (Although post-workout, I did find myself at the hot bar at Whole Foods creating the ultimate $11 box of comfort food. But it was delicious.) Today has not been perfect, but it has been better. (Meaning, it's 11 a.m. and I have not yet eaten a bagel, nor three slices of strawberry bread.) So there's that.

I must take a moment to acknowledge that I am lucky, and I have a lot of people willing to help me succeed. Next week, Donna asked me if I'd like to work with her on some stability and safety exercises, designed to keep me safe and build the muscles that will (hopefully) help me avoid injury in the future. How fortunate am I that one of the greatest trainers at the gym wants to take some time out of her schedule to focus on me, my goals and my progress? This must mean she believes I can succeed. If she believes it, I think I will, too.

Meanwhile, we wait for the next appointment with the ortho doc (May 4) and we pray the Achilles heals (HAHA! Achilles heels!!!) in the interim. And we watch what we eat. And we get to the gym. And we celebrate the non-linear path to success.

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