Thursday, April 28, 2011


Okay, first things first: I weighed in at 206.4. Still not down to the happy 205 of a few weeks back, but really, I'm pleased. I have continued to lose (albeit slowly) even though I haven't been able to run. And, I have allowed myself to embrace the possibility of what I can do.

One of the activities I'm coming to enjoy the most is also the most surprising: yoga. I find it is helping me not only to stretch (I am, after all, as flexible as a rubber band with dry rot) but to build strength (the challenge here is to hold still rather than lift weight) and discover literal balance. I've gotten only a little better ... but a little is so much more than none.

Which got me thinking about balance as it applies to the rest of my life, and it seems the more I wait to see the doc next (May 4) to discover whether I can run again or not, the more I realize there are lots of activities I enjoy. So when I do return to running (which I am predicting will be Saturday, May 7) I will be stronger, and I will be a different runner. I will be a runner who welcomes the idea of taking a half-hour run followed by a half-hour on the elliptical. I will be a runner who follows her training plan, stretches regularly, and doesn't push too hard, too fast.

I will be a runner with balance.

With this new-found sense of priority, I return to the opening topic: my weight. I believe the elusive less-than-200 weight is out there, waiting (weighting?) for me, and by staying the course, I will get there. Stay tuned!

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