Friday, November 9, 2012


I took this week "off" as a runner. It was just too much to ask of myself, especially after my dismal run last sunday. Not to worry, I'll lace up my shoes again on Monday, but I felt like I really needed to give myself a break from the running, and even from thinking about running.

Truth is, I wasn't entirely sure I would get back next week. The Hot Chocolate was so incredibly hard for me. I felt like it was just time to stop pretending to be a runner. I mean, everyone else I know who thinks they are slow runs between a 10- and 12-minute mile. Me, I'm at +14 on my best days. It's sad, this not-making-progress thing. I'm bitter and I'm disappointed in myself.

And then ... I get a random text from a friend. This is a friend I've only gone running with one time. Still, this is what she said:
"You are inspirational! It [running] is addctive. Sometimes all I do is daydream about where and when I will run next. And while running, it is so exciting yet spiritual at the same time. I really want to thank you for every post about every run you do or sign up for. It truly warms my heart and motivates me. You rock!"
I know, right? She said all that about me!

You'll pardon me if I pinch myself. It's important to remember that it isn't about how fast you are. It really isn't about running, per se. It's about who we are becoming along the route.

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