Friday, November 30, 2012


I'm on a streak.

Runners' World issued a streak challenge: to run a mile or more every day, Thanksgiving through New Year's. I was doing great, and then today happened.

Yeah. I have plans after work. And then I have plans after my plans. So that means when I get home - at around 10, I'm guessing - I have to suit up and go for a run. A short one, sure, but still ... I'm gonna run.

I should have gotten up early and knocked it out first thing, but I totally spaced it. It's not a big deal ... I just think it's funny that I'm willing to go for a run at 10 p.m., especially knowing that the very next morning I'll be running a 5K.

But a streak's a streak. I'm not gonna screw it up this early in the game! Today is day nine. This is gonna be a helluva month!

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