Monday, November 19, 2012

Recapping a week and weighing in

Last week was a good week. I felt pretty much in balance, although there was one sorta splurgy day. I learned something rather important yesterday: I eat too much. Getting back to logging all my food for a full week showed me that even on days I think I'm being really cautious, I'm blowing it. That's pretty much why it's been hard to lose. Yes, menopause is making it harder, but it's up to me to determine how much of a role it will play. So to give myself a frame of reference going forward, I'm going to recap the details of last week.

Travel day; I returned from Minneapolis and did not log calories. Or work out. Or weigh in. So sort of a lost day.

Weighed in at 214.2; considered that a miracle.
Ate a total of 1,519 calories; burned 388 by running for half an hour. Also did weight training. My "calories remaining" at the end of the day were 189.

Ate a total of 1,690 calories; burned 500 by using the elliptical for 50 minutes. Calories remaining were 130.

Big challenge day! I ate 2,670 calories and burned 453 by running first thing in the morning. I knew this day would be a challenge, though because I went out to dinner. I stuck to good choices at Olive Garden but still went well over. I chose a bowl of minestrone, one breadstick, three pieces of bruschetta, lasagna primavera with grilled chicken, and their tiny "dolcini" dessert with strawberries and white chocolate. Still, dinner was 1,020. However, I felt good that a) it wasn't twice that; b) I didn't feel deprived; and c) I had gotten up early to get my run in and offset a few of those calories. Calorie overage was 897.

After Thursday's debacle, I was a little more careful. My total calories eaten were 1,553, and I burned zero. This time I was going to TGI Friday's for dinner with my family, and I was not going to have time to work out. I ate a very modest lunch of quinoa salad and Greek yogurt, and I thoroughly enjoyed my grilled salmon with broccoli for dinner. I still went over for the day by 233 calories, but this was a completely successful day.

Always a good workout day, that Saturday. I ran - burning 635 calories - and lifted weights. I ate modestly, even though I was at an all-day scrapbooking event with great snacks. Calories remaining at the end of the day were 21.

Double cardio! I ate 2,229 calories but off set it by swimming and doing Salsa/Funk class. My calories remaining at the end of the day were 237.

So after you do the math, my net calorie overage for the week was 553. I would like to do better on this in the coming weeks, but I am SO pleased that I ended up with a pound loss. I worked hard for it, and I am grateful the work showed up on the scale.

This week will carry its share of challenges, with Thanksgiving and four days off of work (which sometimes makes for a break in the workout routine) ... but I am confident!

Today's weigh-in: 213.2. Down a pound and feeling good about that!

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