Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lost in the Woods: The accidental long run

So this week the training starts to amp up mileage. A three-mile run was scheduled yesterday (Monday) with a two-miler midweek and a long run (four miles, but that's long when you've never done it) on Saturday. Last night, Linda and I met at the forest preserve to do our three miles.

And we got lost.

We were running and talking and enjoying the scenery, and it didn't even occur to us until we were pretty far off course that we were ... well, off course. By about a half mile. When the Forest Preserve Police showed up to close the joint down, we still had a mile or so to go before we got to our cars.


Yes, I was sore and out of energy. (Thankfully, we had brought sufficient water along.) If I'd known, I would have packed some Sport Beans. But we did it! We got our long run out of the way early! So now, we don't have to do a four-mile run on Saturday ... although I might go for it, anyway.

After our run, we went here for sustenance. ZOMG, that much delicious can't be good for you ... but it is. Dark chocolate with white chocolate chips and mango on top ... seriously. Want more now, please.

Anyhoo, I'm sore today. Woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a truck, but I'm chalking some of that up to not rolling out quite enough yesterday, and not getting enough sleep. Yep; that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

OH! Before I forget, last night at the gym I had my Video Gait Analysis. In about a week, I should have information about the way I run and how I can improve it to stave off injury. I would love some guarantees, but barring that, I'm just gonna keep runnin'! Will share the results when I know more.

So what I've learned is this: 1) the body is capable of more than it thinks it is, but sometimes you on

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