Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weighing in and other tales

Lately, it seems like life is just whooshing past me. Work is amping up in crazy fashion. I've been having a "stop the world I wanna get off" couple of weeks. Blargh.

Controlling my food intake has been difficult, too. I take comfort in food, and I've needed comfort lately. Plus, there have been a lot of birthday-related celebrations and the like, so it's been cake and fried deliciousness and I think people might be trying to kill me.

My last weigh-in? No surprise, it's not stellar: 208.8. That was Tuesday night. As if my slow-down weren't already bad enough, it seems I've come to a screeching halt. Which sucks all the more because my running has amped up!

Not sure how I feel about that, but here's where I think I'm at: Poop but fine. I want to take off the weight, but oddly enough, I'm feeling pretty awesome. I have consistently stuck with my running program for the 15K in November for three weeks. Doesn't sound like much, but my run length has increased a lot, in my opinion. Instead of three half-hour or two-mile runs each week, I have one two-mile run, one three-mile run, and one five-mile run. And they will continue to get longer as I get closer to the race. My appetite rages, but the weight seems content to stick. Okay. Be that way; I'm just gonna keep running.

Which I can do, because as of this moment, I am finished with physical therapy. I graduated last night. I'm still nervous, and I need to be very mindful of the Achilles, but for now, all systems are "go".

The really cool thing last night was that after that final therapy appointment, I went to my car to head home and just as the engine roared up, the radio started playing the intro to "Born to Run". I sat in the parking lot and cried a little; thanks, Bruce, I think perhaps I was. It was meaningful, like a message from the universe that I am supposed to follow this path, wherever it leads.


Mi said...

Wow. A 15-K. Have you always been a runner? How did you keep yourself motivated to run?

I've vowed to try my first 5-K by this time next year, and even though I'm enjoying some new workouts, I find myself less than thrilled to begin training to run.



Maggie said...

Hi, Michelle! I have not always been a runner. In fact, my first 5K was about a year ago. As with anything, the more you practice, the better you get at it.

As for staying motivated, I am inspired by two things: progress, and friends. Over the past year, I've seen a lot of progress! Setting - and reaching - goals is pretty incredible.

I have a group of friends who run together when we can - training, or in races, or both. That makes the endeavor fun, too. I'm finally at a point where I can talk while I run; that makes five-mile training runs bearable!

My best advice for you would be to decide that you will run that 5K in September of 2012, and start working at it. There's a great book by the editors of Runner's World Magazine called Run Your Butt Off; it's a great beginners running program, plus it includes some nutrition guidance. I liked following their program, because it encouraged you to stay at a certain level until you were comfortable doing it. There were three or four weeks when I was doing the same run/walk interval, and I still felt strong because I was following the program. If you have a chance, check out the book; you might find it's just what you need to get you excited about the idea of running!

Mi said...

Thanks, Maggie, and good luck with your 15-K!

My plan is try running and a whole bunch of other things while blogging about my refusal to go fat and frumpy into that dark night.