Monday, September 26, 2011


I am still a very slow runner.

That being said, I love making progress. Yesterday, I went on a five-mile run with my sister Jenn and our nephew Alex. My run pace is about Jenn's walk pace. That's not embarassing. But whatever; I'm still moving.

And that's the thing; I've gotten so much better. In the beginning, I couldn't run for even a minute without feeling exhausted. We were out for well over an hour, and I only took three walk breaks. Bam; five miles.

What's more, I did that the day after running a 5K. That's eight miles in one weekend, and today? Yeah. Not sore. Can't hardly believe that. So here's to progress. Here's to improvement. Here's to positive change.

And none too soon; I'm feeling under the weather, so it's a good thing I got my long run in before the nastyass snuck in. Send good thoughts of healing my way; I don't want the death plague to interrupt my training.


Mi said...

Wow, you're inspiring me -- although I must say that I don't know how you got past just hating to run.

Or maybe you didn't just hate it.

I do.

I definitely have a mental block here that I'm going to have to get over if I want to meet my vow of running in the Rockeater Adventure race next fall.


Maggie said...

Mich, I think my desire to become a runner surpassed my hatred of running. I mean ... if not now, when?

There are only two obstacles in running: your legs, and your head. You have to get over both of them, and the only way to do that is to run. Some runs are better than others. Tonight's was torture, but Sunday was a complete pleasure. Get out there, do what you can, and relish the moments. When you're on the trail and the air smells amazing and you have a friend at your side (or you're treating yourself to blissful time alone) ... it's incredible. Keep working at it; if I can do it, anyone can!