Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's not easy being lean

There's less of me.

It's hard work.

Also, thank you.

To those of you who notice and encourage, please know, I cannot thank you enough.

Last night at the gym, I honestly lost count of the number of people who commented on my ever-shrinking form. For the record, I am not complaining. It is difficult, however, to accept compliments, because I feel like I have such a long way to go. It is hard work getting here. It is going to get harder.

But back to last night. The girl at the towel desk stopped me to tell me she thinks I'm doing great. My friend Jill, as we were putting up our stuff from Strictly Strength, told me I'm shrinking before her eyes. That sweet pretty blond girl who also did the Hot Chocolate run told me at first that my top looked really good on me, then she said, "No, it's because you're getting so tiny; everything looks good on you!" Then on my way out of class, sweet Gretchen said, "You have lost a lot of weight!" Yes, I have. She wanted to know what I was doing, and it really made me think about it.

I'm eating less. I'm moving more. There is no magic pill. If you want to do this, it isn't going to be easy. But when you start getting results ... and people start to notice ... it is so damn worth it!

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