Thursday, December 16, 2010

Weigh in - does it count?

I got on the scale today. It said 210.6. I would technically log it as 211, but ... I'm not sure it counts.

See, until January 7, I'm going to be house-sitting for a friend. I did not bring my own scale. So I weighed myself on hers, which isn't a bad thing ... but I'm afraid this was a false positive. (This feeling is assisted by my intense hunger and apparent need to eat more than my daily caloric allotment; see previous post.)

So, I'm logging it. 211. And if nothing else, we'll see how things go over the next three weeks. I'll at least know if I'm trending one way or the other, and then when I'm home ... well ... oh, hell, I could get a false negative!

At any rate, things are going well. My girlfriend left me several pre-made meals from The Biggest Loser, and they are delicious. Much more satisfying than your usual Lean Cuisine fare, and the variety is amazing. Lots of chicken, of course, but also lots of varieties of same. Cheesy stuffed chicken ... blackened chicken ... chicken Florentine ... every one, yummy as hell, and every meal coming in between 300 and 350 calories. Couldn't have come at a better time! It's been a great help in keeping my calories in check, although there is no way I could afford to do it for myself; that stuff's pretty spendy.

And so we continue with a very festive, very busy season. I'll keep my eye on the prize ... but I must occasionally stop for cookies.

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