Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shrinky dink

It's been a tough week, but also a good week. Thanksgiving brings food. I swear, during the holidays, people I've never met offer me vittles. And I did pretty well.

Dined on amazing, delicious foods, but never gorged. And lots of working out, having a blast at the gym. It's been good. And yummy.

This week, in particular, has been a time for trying new things. Last night, I tried hot yoga. I've been trying to fit yoga into the workout regimen all year, and finally, things fell into place. It was amazing. Best part? The last time I yog'd, there was a lot more "me" in the middle. This time, I was a lot more bendy, because there wasn't as much French bread in the way! And the heat makes it so easy to blissfully move further into the poses. Love. Love. Love.

Today at noon (because I'm on mini-vacation) I'll be doing Barbell Strength at the gym. Then on Saturday, I'm doing another 5k ... and there is snow in the forecast. Let's keep trying new things!

But at any rate, today was weigh in day. Last week, I didn't report, because I stayed pretty much the same. So imagine my surprise when the readout said ...


213.6. (I'm just calling it 214.)

That means I get my first reward! I've lost my first 10 percent. 26 pounds, total. That's heavy!

Some weeks are easier than others. Some weeks the losses are big. Some weeks I stay the same. But as long as I maintain my focus, the weight comes off.

My body, and my spirit, are lighter.

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