Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Last night, someone asked me, "What inspired you to start running?"

It's a question I'm being asked a lot these days, as if I'm some expert or something. And then, I guess, maybe I am. I'm an expert at trying something I thought was impossible and proving it's not. I mean, how many people begin a weightloss program and give up at the first plateau, or sooner? How many people decide they want to try and complete a 5K, but never actually train, so they chicken out before race day?

That's not for me. I've failed enough to not want to repeat it any more than I have to.

Which is why this Saturday, I'll be treating myself to a little something I've paid for with my holiday bonus from work: Metabolic testing. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's the gift I've chosen to give myself - a test that will accurately define my fat-burning zones, so I can efficiently torch my ass.

It doesn't hurt that, thanks to my wise and wonderful sister, I'll also be getting a fabulous pair of boots on Saturday. That's my treat for reaching phase one of the weightloss challenge. Yeah, I know - it was supposed to be a pedicure, then it was maybe a massage, and now, it's boots. It's my reward. I'll buy boots if I want to! (And it doesn't hurt that these $300 babies are mine for less thank $90!)

Anyway, I'm still moving forward. I'm treating myself as agreed, within reason. I'm focused, and I'm having fun. Sometimes, I can't believe this is me. Other times, yeah. It makes total sense.

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