Thursday, January 13, 2011

Smile and be thankful next time you get weighed*

I'm back home. Been there for a week now. Today was my first weigh-in on the home scale since early December.

Today's number? 210.6.

What does that mean? Technically, it means I maintained my weight over the holidays. I did not gain a single freaking pound.


Now, it also means that the time to kick things into high gear is upon us. I must continue to make changes. I must get back to my regular schedule at the gym. (Last week was difficult; this week, moreso, what with trying to train for the half and gasping for breath along the way.) I must find ways to trim calories, and I must find ways to thank my body for all its accomplishments.

Today feels good. Every day brings a new opportunity to keep moving forward. And why not?

Another major realization: Much as the show drives me bananas, I've been keeping up with "The Biggest Loser." For the first time since the series began, I am not a candidate to be on the show. I am smaller than all the women who are participating. I'm on the thin side of fat!

*Title lyrics stolen from John Denver's "Saturday Night in Toledo, Ohio".

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