Sunday, March 6, 2011

Those five little words

"Look how skinny you are!"

It's not just the words ... it's the moment, and the person who said them. It's acknowledgment of achievement from my sister Kathie.

Visiting my dad yesterday, my sister actually said those words to me. Mind you, I don't "skinny". I don't want to be "skinny". But I am smaller than I was when I graduated college. I have lost enough weight that I'm not the fat girl anymore.

Feels good.

It also feels good that people - okay, Kathie - are/is taking me seriously as a runner. (Probably moreso than I am, but that's my hangup, right?) She's giving me advice, telling me what I need to take my runs to the next level, and encouraging me to try harder. It's pretty amazing.

So here I am, after a weekend of positive reinforcement. Not just from Kathie, mind you. My friends Julie and Barb at the gym (serious runners in their own right) told me that when they saw me in Yoga on Wednesday, I looked like I was melting away. Rebekah told me last night when I saw her that I was sooo skinny. (Skinny being a relative term)

It's interesting, disconcerting and exciting. But here's one thing I promise you: I'm just going to start saying "thank you", because I'm seeing the changes myself. I'm beginning to really appreciate every step of the journey. There are fewer lumps. There is less mish-mish in the way when I try to stretch. The new me is emerging, and I think because I'm working so hard, it's possible to revel in the steps along the way.

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