Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two Oh Five

See, I'm weird. I can be 209.4 one week and 205 the next. It's not like I starved myself. No, on the contrary, I actually; I was depressed over the weekend. One day, I ate an entire cup of cinnamon roll gelato. Mmmm ... gelato. Anyway, today the scale read 205. This caused big smiles to break out all over my face. It's a little validation for what I'm doing, and what I'm able to do while I recover from the injury. I'm still able to do a great deal, so I'm getting my workouts in, and it's working. Maybe not as quickly as it did while I was running, but it still works. And I do like it when I get on the scale and it shows me a number I haven't seen in years. That's a good feeling.

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