Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hello, again ... hello.

I'm back.

Started journaling my food as of yesterday. Did really well right up until after dinner, when the ice cream got the best of me.

All things considered, I feel pretty good about where I'm at. I'm sad, because it's been years of working at this and I am still fat.

This is an indication that I have not been working at it hard enough. So, it's a new day. Time for renewal.

My goals?
  • Lose a total of 70 additional pounds. This will take a lot of pressure off my knees, which will give me ...
  • Increased comfort in my knees. Physical therapy can only do so much.
  • Be able to run - actually run - a 5k in spring of 2011.
  • Complete the Muddy Buddy in 2011 in less time than I did in 2010.
That's it. I'm going at it in 10% increments with rewards. Here's the plan:

Current weight - 240
Weight-loss goal #1 (10% of 240) - 24 pounds
Reward at 216 pounds: pedicure.

Weight-loss goal #2 (10% of 216) - 22 pounds
Reward at 194 pounds: shout from the rooftops because I'm under 200, and a massage.

Weight-loss goal #3 (10% of 194) - 20 pounds
Reward at 174 pounds: full drawer of new underwear.

Final weight-loss goal - 4 to 10 pounds
Reward at 170 - 164 pounds: spa day.

That's it. Just four increments. I can so totally get there, bit by little bit. How long 'til I reach my first goal?

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