Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Me, today

This is not how I see myself. Completing the Muddy Buddy Race August 1, 2010.

Neither is this. Performing in Liberty Town Productions' "Summer Showcase", August 7, 2010.
Despite how proud I am of both these accomplishments, this is not what I see when I picture myself in my head.

It makes me crazy that when I look at the race picture, I look beyond the joyous smile and focus solely on the lumps. Yes, I have rolls. But why do I have so much trouble remembering that those rolls just completed a grueling race?

And the show picture. I just see this wide, sad girl. The smile all but escapes me.

Clearly, my focus is off. It is time to focus on what I can do instead of what it looks like. Because, let's face it ... it really doesn't look that bad, unless I'm fixated on perfection.

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