Sunday, August 29, 2010


Okay, first things first: People are noticing that I'm working on this body of mine.

At the gym yesterday, three people - Sue, the yoga powerhouse, Pam, my strength training instructor, and Corina the ballerina all asked if I had lost weight. Why, yes ... yes, I have. Sometimes it's nice to see people you don't see every week, because they notice subtle changes. That felt amazing.

And so did my workout. Strictly Strength was amazing - I used the blue resistance tubes to work triceps, which hurt and felt great. This whole toning muscle thing is pretty awesome. And spin class was amazing; there's something about pushing myself on the bike for an hour that makes me feel like an athlete. A sweaty, disgusting athlete, but an athlete nonetheless.

Saturday afternoon, it was time to go to Ella's birthday party, and it was wonderful. I brought relishes and fat-free dip (homemade; delish!) and so I was able to eat and feel full. However, I did go over on my calorie intake for the day. Birthday cake and pomegranate martinis will do that, right? But I didn't go way over, just a little. Not a derailment by any stretch of the imagination. This is working!

Today I went to the grocery store and got lunch and dinner food for the week. I completely forgot breakfast, so I'll have to get by with the oatmeal that's in my desk drawer. That's not the worst thing in the world. I did, however, pick up some fresh Pink Lady apples at the farmer's market yesterday, and I'll be enjoying those with lunch, too. Fresh food is sneaking it's way into my daily life. Who knew?

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