Sunday, October 3, 2010

Training for 5k


Running is hard. Like, seriously hard. I walked for a few blocks to warm up, and then I started to run. Got about a block down the road before my heart threatened to leap forward, directly out of my chest, like an alien baby.

I have never liked running. I think that whole "I'd rather die than gasp for miles on end" thing is probably why.

My heartrate monitor showed that, within the course of two blocks, my lub-dub ticker had gone from a comfortable zone two into the heights of zone four. Meaning, I had zipped right through zone three - the happy one where I burn fat - and into the sugar-burning fiesta known as zone four. Great. This is gonna be a challenge.

Can I run? Yes. In fact, the cool part is, I was able to work some pretty funky intervals. My heart rate recovery is pretty awesome, too, so within a block or two, I was down in zone three, and able to sustain it with no discomfort at all. So we just gotta work on training the old heart to manage the "one foot in front of the other"-ness of running.

Will I get there in time to actually run the 5k on November 6? Heck, I dunno. But this was only Training Day One. There's time to make progress. And it's gonna be fun.

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