Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weigh in, run strong

First things first: I weighed in this morning. It was a day late, because I was out of town for the long weekend. Anyhoo, today's weight: 205.2 (or 206 in Maggie's world). All good! In 5.2 more pounds, I'll  have reached my initial goal. (It only took what, five years, to get here?)

In other news, I am seeing lots of progress on the running front! Yahoo! On Saturday, I ran 10 miles (which was actually closer to 9.5, but the GPS lost me in the woods). It was such a beautiful day; I feel so lucky when I'm able to go outside. I did a run/walk interval combo, running three minutes and walking one. This is making a huge difference in how I experience training. Whereas last week I ran nine miles in two hours and 32 minutes, this week I managed to run about 9.7 in 2:18. HUGE difference. Plus, the way I felt was totally new; last week I was in pain. This week, I could've kept going. Needless to say, I learned a few things;

  • Don't do other workout activity the day of a long run. A 10-mile training run should not be tacked onto a swim and weightlifting session.
  • Eat carbs for breakfast (thunder muffin, anyone?) and take some gel with you. I usually do this, but I got it down to a science on this run.
  • Run/walk instead of trying to run the whole damn thing and then taking long-ass walk breaks.

It really helped! I went from running over a 16 minute mile to running a 13:10 minute mile in one week. So I tried the same tactic last night on my five-mile run on the track, and I hit the 13:40 minute mile mark comfortably. It felt great!

So my hope is that I will be able to run the half in less time than last year. My time last year was an abysmal three hours, 24 and a half minutes, running about a 15.5 minute mile. If I can keep up my recent pace and run at about a 14-minute mile, I would feel pretty good about that. Heck, if I could cut my finish time back to three hours and 15 minutes, that would be a huge win. So, no pressure ... I just gotta do my best.

And keep taking off the weight.


Jen McElroy said...

Any interval training seems to make me faster, so good for you for making a change to your training plan. Good Luck at your race!! I'm sure that no matter what your finish time will be that you'll do your best.

Maggie said...

That's basically my only plan. ;) I go into pretty much every race with three goals: 1) finish. 2) don't get injured. 3) have fun!