Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I admit it. Sometimes, I weigh myself too often.

Sometimes when the scale yells at me, I give it another chance the next day to play nice. Because scales can be total assholes sometimes.

So today, I gave the scale the opportunity to knock off yesterday's 209 shit. And you know what it said to me? 206. Actually, 205.2 and 205.6, respectively. I always round up.

What the what?

Is it possible that Saturday's long run left me with so much extra water that it weighed me a full three+ pounds extra? I mean, it's not like I peed all that much yesterday ... so what gives?

I dunno. But I'm eager for next Monday to see what it says. And I promise to stay away from the scale between now and then. Mostly.


pf said...

Hey Maggie! I'm glad to find your blog.

I am seriously trying to lose weight since Dec 2011. I have lost about 6 to 8 pounds and kept it off till now. I have lost a size from 12 to 10. Actually I am supposed to lose another 22 to 25 pounds but my motivation to lose weight has waned.

Although I am really pleased to adopt the habit of working out, I have an equal love of food!!!

Last year, I began training for my 10k race somewhat seriously. I was able to improve my timing from 1:29 (Sep 2012) to 1:15 (dec 2012). Unfortunately, I hurt my knees and had to stop training for my first half marathon in Mar this year. Sigh.

Well, I shall bookmark your blog. Hope that I would be able to find motivation from you!!! Cheers!!!

Maggie said...

Welcome. PF! Best of luck on your quest for health. I, too, love food ... which is why I work out! Happy to make your acquaintance out here in blogland!