Tuesday, September 21, 2010

But ... it was delicious!

I went out to dinner last night.

I met my Tony at Olive Garden, where I know what to order. Venetian Apricot Chicken comes in at 380 calories for the entire plate. Chicken breast in an apricot sauce, with broccoli, asparagus and diced tomatoes on the side. It really is delicious. Plus, a bread stick (just one) at 150 calories, and a bowl of minestrone for 100. Not a bad dinner.

Except Tony ordered Bruschetta. I love bruschetta. I had to slices of bread mounded with delicious tomatoey goodness. 155 calories; not a complete disaster by any means, although I didn't really have the calories left to have it. But it was awesome.

Dinner was, of course, delicious. Tony ordered beautiful Capellini Pomodoro, and chowed down on the breadsticks I wasn't eating. The conversation flowed, eventually we finished our meals, and were presented with ...

(cue the spooky music)

The Dessert Menu

Thankfully, Olive Garden has taken to serving these adorable "Dolcini" - little baby desserts. With no guilt whatsoever (okay, just a tiny bit) I ordered the dark chocolate/caramel version of it. You would, too. Best 270 calories I have ever over-eaten, accompanied by a luscious cup of decaf.

So, all told, for the day yesterday, I was over my calories by 327. So I made sure I got outside and walked today at lunch, and I'll be at the gym tonight. Because it really is all about balance, and how can a life without dessert ever be considered "balanced"?

Exactly. Cheers!

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